brownell landrum
30 years old

Brownell is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of DrawSuccess, the company whose mission is to "change the world in a fun and profitable way." DrawSuccess is a Company, a Program and a Game. The DrawSuccess Company is dedicated to providing unique, experiential learning programs for people and organizations around the world. In Latin "to educate" means "to draw out." In the same way, DrawSuccess Training Programs use a unique, "bottom-up" learning process designed to "draw success" from every employee in your organization. Our mission at DrawSuccess is to "Change the World in a Fun and Profitable Way," which serves as a guiding force for everything we do. Training is about Change. World means that we want to reach as many people as possible. Fun equals engagement, retention and re-use. And Profit means measurable benefits and results – for us and our clients. DrawSuccess is based on a strong set of Beliefs - some of which should sound unique, and some which may even sound radical! For example, We Believe that learning not only can be fun, it MUST be fun. And We Believe people can solve their own problems, if given the right tools. Do you share our beliefs, values and mission? Would you like to Join the DrawSuccess team of facilitators? Contact us! Specialties Innovation and New Product Development, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Writing, Leadership and Management, Presentation Development and Training, Creative Problem Solving, Research and Analysis, and Product Development, Speaking, Results, Success, Teambuilding, Program, Process, Accelerating

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