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My name is Brian Heffron. Born in Philly. Lived in Philly until I was 2. Lived in Gloucester, NJ until I was 10. Then lived in Atlantic City from age 10 to 24. After I graduated Atlantic City High School in 1993 I saved all my money for Pro Wrestling School. In 1994 I moved to Lima, Ohio for 11 months and lived @ Al Snow's "Body Slammers Pro Wrestling Gym" to train to be a pro wrestler which had always been my life's goal. I debuted in June of 1994 and wrestled all over the midwest and Canada. In November of 1995 I joined a wrestling promotion called ECW based out of Philadelphia. There I a had great learning experience and learned from some of the best. Terry Funk, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Paul Heyman, Tommy Rich, Tracy Smothers, Tommy Dreamer and Tazz. I was a part of Raven's Flock with Stevie Richards and Super Nova. We were known for some of the parodies we did of other wrestlers. Sorta like the "Weird Al" of wrestling. Our best known gimmick was the Blue World Order. I still get asked about it to this day over 10 years later. I wrestled in ECW until October 1998 when I signed with the WWF. I was a member of the J.O.B Squad with Al Snow, Gillberg, Bob Holly and Scorpio. I also tagged with Goldust. I left there in 2000. Went back in 2005 for a little bit. I still wrestle and have been VERY fortunate to do everything I have done. I've been on TV, Pay Per View. Been in countless magazines. Been in 2 video games. I got to be a question in Trivial Pursuit 90's edition. Been to 48 of the 50 states and 3 different countries. I have been very lucky to do the things I have done and meet the people I have met.