Social Web Thing Interviews PeekYou’s CEO, Michael Hussey

This past week, PeekYou’s CEO Michael Hussey was interviewed on Social Web Thing to discuss PeekYou’s origins, philosophies, many uses, and goals. He also discussed and explained PeekYou’s digital footprint measuring tool, PeekScore.

“PeekScore is a measure of the relative size of your digital footprint,” said Michael. “If you want to increase your score, leave more footprints. In other words, blog regularly, Tweet, participate on social networks such as Facbook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Foursquare. The more active and engaged you are with other people on the public Web, the higher your score will be.”

You can read the whole interview here: http://socialwebthing.com/2011/07/qa-with-web-entrepreneur-michael-hussey

PeekYou’s Josh Mackey Interviewed Today in Radian6′s Blog

In an entry in the Radian6 blog, which just went live today, PeekYou’s General Manager of Product, Josh Mackey, was interviewed regarding the changing face of online anonymity and the “Death of the Username.”

“I think in the not-too-distant future, a deep chasm will open throughout the Internet,” says Josh. “On one side of it will be a transparent market of people and ideas, where people network and transact with their cards on the table and virtual name tags on. And on the other side will be the black market, so to speak, of shady dealings, casual encounters, cyber bullying, and other unsavory activities, all of which thrive only under the shade of the anonymous username.”

You can check out the whole interview here. And – for further reading – you can check out Josh’s blog entry on the subject, from back this past April, here.

PeekYou Education Series: Educating Users & Empowering Consumers

Over the next few months, PeekYou will be rolling out a series of blog posts known as the “PeekYou Education Series.” Our goal with these posts is to give our users the ability to understand how search engines like PeekYou find public information online and to raise the general level of awareness that users should have when it comes to the information that we share and consume everyday. We feel that many times our users and other individuals across the web do not necessarily understand how keeping their privacy settings open, or sending out a tweet to the public web, can be picked up by various sources across the web. All of us here at PeekYou feel its important that users get as much education and information as possible about how all of these various components of the web work, allowing them to make a better, more educated decision when it comes to sharing information online and posting information to the public web.

This series was sparked by the comments and feedback from users that we receive everyday, mostly from users who are upset or shocked to find so much information about themselves in one location. While we think it is not a bad thing at all to be public and to share your information with others freely, we want to ensure (through these posts) that consumers and users have the tools and knowledge to navigate the online world. After all, knowledge is power, and we want to empower our users with information.

Further to this point, we also see a big shift happening online, whereby people are starting to recognize “Identity” as being separate by connected to “Privacy”: You can have a robust online identity and yet still remain private in many ways. This shift happening across the web is one of the reasons our CEO Michael Hussey and our GM of Product Josh Mackey recently attended the PII 2011 Conference (privacy identity innovation) in San Francisco, CA last week.

Stay tuned for more posts in the PeekYou Education Series that will be going on throughout the summer. Feel free to engage with us through Twitter and our Facebook page, as well as our blog.

PeekYou Proud to Announce Partnership with Reputation.com

We here at PeekYou are very proud to announce our brand-new partnership with Reputation.com. This partnership will give our users, and Reputation.com’s clients, more choices with, and control over, the privacy, sharing, and promotion of their online information. This announcement is being made as PeekYou and Reputation.com are working to not only provide for users opportunities to effortlessly and automatically opt-out of websites, but also to enhance their online presences by spreading the word about themselves, should they so choose. By allowing consumers to be better capable of controlling their information (public and private), in any way that they see fit, PeekYou believes users’ online lives will be altogether more secure and satisfying.

Reputation.com teams up with PeekYou

PeekYou remains committed to an open and transparent web, which is why we developed a Privacy Pledge to explain to users exactly how and where we find their information, and how their individual footprint online is linked. “A lot of people who share information on the web simply don’t understand exactly who can see it and where it can go,” says Raj Ajrawat, General Manager at PeekYou.com. “By working with companies such as Reputation.com, we hope to give users more choices and educate them on how the information that they share, knowingly or unknowingly, can spread across the web.”

Over the next few months, PeekYou will be developing a deeper relationship with Reputation.com. During that time, we also hope to initiate an industry round-table to discuss issues such as online privacy, sharing information online, and consumer identity on the web. We believe this partnership will only bolster PeekYou’s already strong commitment to providing our users with a free and open search engine, and one that only finds publicly available information about individuals which those individuals themselves want to be sharing. Ultimately, our goal remains the same as it has always been: to re-index the web around people.

We Are A Top 500 Us Website

PeekYou recently ranks in the US Top 500 according to Quantcast

PeekYou's growth has been steady and consistent over the past few months

Wow. To think only 4 months ago we wrote a post outlining that we were a Top 1,000 US Website, coming from being in the Top 1,500 in September. Clearly we didn’t want to stop there just yet. Our growth has been steady and consistent over the past few months, and we cannot thank all of our users enough for this phenomenal growth. Thank you to everyone out there who made this possible, including all of our employees, advisors, directors, family and friends who have been there with us on this incredible journey.

Our very own Quantcast ranking badge

That doesn’t mean the journey is over; not by a long shot. We’ve got our eyes on the Top 250, and we hope to get there by the end of the year. Stay tuned for more updates and hopefully we’ll be writing another post soon with yet another traffic barrier that we break.

The PeekYou.com Team

11,000 Visits in One Hour

According to real-time analytics tracking company GetClicky, PeekYou had over 11,000 visitors on the site at approximately 3pm EST. Wow. We have been experiencing tremendous growth lately; our site traffic has increased by almost 45% from December 2010 to January 2011. Talk about a lot of people search for others!

To date, PeekYou has handled over 217 million searches on our website (yes, thats right; the exact number is 217,058,098 at the time of this writing). At this rate, we should be on track to hit over 250 million searches within 2 months! For any given week, we process approximately 4.5 million user searches around the world for people, interests, schools, work and more. Very soon we will be making a big announcement about our international search.

PeekYou CEO Michael Hussey Speaks to ZDNet Regarding Online Social Identities

Yesterday, Michael Hussey, the CEO of PeekYou, sat down with Eileen Yu of ZDNet regarding the importance of securing one’s online social identity after the recent events with Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. You can read the full article on ZDNet, titled “Securing your online social identity.” Michael reiterated that any information publicly available on the web can and will be found by search engines such as PeekYou, Google and Bing. Follow Michael on Twitter if you would like to read more of his thoughts!

PeekYou is Hiring!

Are you looking for a new job? Are you a student thinking about finding an internship? PeekYou is hiring! We are currently looking for PHP/MySQL Developers, Software Engineers, DBAs, Social Media Interns and Bloggers. If you want to see if you have the right stuff to join our awesome company, check out the jobs page we put up a week ago. There you will find more information about the opportunities here at PeekYou as well as the current openings that we have.

If you are interested in applying for any position, send us an email at jobs@peekyou.com. Please include a resume, the position you are applying for, and a work sample (if possible). Developers will have to complete a small test through email (just so we can test your coding ability).

Join an awesome, fast growing (did we mention we’re about to hit 4 million monthly visits this month??) web startup here in the heart of New York City. Apply today!

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