How Do I Increase My PeekScore?

PeekScore is a number from one to ten which quantifies, at a glance, an individual’s online prominence, or “digital footprint.” An individual’s PeekScore will grow or shrink depending upon the quantity of information he or she makes publicly available on the Web during a given period of time.

Increasing your PeekScore is rather simple. The more content you share and provide online, the higher your PeekScore will be. While many public figures will have large PeekScores without having to directly contribute much to their digital footprints, for the vast majority of individuals the size of their PeekScore is almost entirely within their own control.

Below is a condensed list of different ways one can increase his or her PeekScore:


  • Own a domain and maintain a website, either personal or business-related.

  • Be open and active on social networks, as a public social media presence will impact your PeekScore positively and directly. The sizes of your various audiences at social media will also influence your score.

  • Maintain multiple social network accounts. The more accounts you are publicly active on, the higher your score.

  • Start a public blog and update it with new posts frequently.

  • And it must be noted, while not relevant to all, that IMDB profiles, Wikipedia entries, and any and all mentions throughout the news media and blogosphere can also positively, and at times profoundly, impact one’s PeekScore.


    New PeekYou Search Results Section: Google+

    The Development Team is hard at work making some underlying code improvements to our code framework to ensure that we can handle the growth we are seeing these days (yesterday was a record with approximately 287,000 visits in one day!). That being said, we have also made some improvements on the front-end for our users, you, as well. On Search Result pages, you will now see a new section aptly named “Google+” that will display publicly available and publicly shared Google+ profiles that are set to be shared with the whole web.

    As Google+ is still a young (but rapidly growing) social network, you may not see results on every page. However, we are noticing that most common name search pages will have Google+ profiles show up.

    Expect more updates such as this one as well as better content as we continue our growth.

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