Online Privacy & Information Awareness

Recently, we came across a brilliant blog post from the folks over at Radian6 concerning online privacy, information sharing and the “opt-in/opt-out” debate. You can read the excellent article here written by Lindsay Bell of Radian6. Her article touches upon a number of aspects in the online privacy debate, essentially building on one simple quote:

“Publication is a self-invasion of privacy.” -Marshall McLuhan

As such, our own Josh Mackey was able to comment on Lindsay’s post, and we have reposted his comment here:

“This is a logical and practical post on online privacy in the age of self publication and social media, well done Radian6. For me personally, publicly “liking, tweeting, posting, publishing” and even joining networks is the “opt-in”. When online you should act as you would on live TV i.e watch what you say cause it’s recording. The quote “Once a word has been allowed to escape, it cannot be recalled” ~Horace has as a whole new meaning and is more true than ever!

Saying that, I believe everyone has a level of comfort and that level should be respected. But, as is mentioned in the post, personal control, knowledge and most importantly a individuals choice to PARTICIPATE is the key here. Facebook could help themselves by implementing small changes that I believe would not affect their revenue. For example, the same rules that apply to search engines should also apply to Facebook apps and Facebook connect. This would mean that if a user wants to use an app or connect to a site with Facebook, their own privacy setting (friends only, friends of friends, everyone) dictates the level of personal data that gets transferred to the 3rd party rather than than the current “all or nothing” approach.

At the end of the day Facebook (who pays operational expenses for the site) has the right to set their privacy policy and users have the right to participate or not. If you choose to participate on these sites then there is a trade off. Consequently, make sure the trade off does not include your actual DOB, SNN, phone number or street number.

Again great post R6, good to see some logic in this debate.”

So…what do you think?

PeekYou Breaks 200,000 Daily Visits

PeekYou breaks 200,000 visits per day and steadily climbs in US based traffic rankings

PeekYou breaks 200,000 visits per day and steadily climbs in US based traffic rankings

Yesterday we hit another major milestone in our goal of indexing the public web around people. On February 21, 2011, PeekYou surpassed 200,000 daily visits to our website in one day, according to Google Analytics; we had 205,361 visits to our site! To think, just a few months back, we were seeing only 1.5 million visits a month and now we are on tracking to serve over 5.2 million visits in February. Compare this also to the fact that we had hit 100,000 visits per day back in the middle of November. Needless to say, we simply want to thank all of our users and the general public for using our free people search engine and for engaging with us on our Facebook and Twitter. You are the reason why we keep refining and improving our service!

As of February 22, 2011, PeekYou is now ranked a Top 600 US website at 572 according to Quantcast, an online traffic measurement firm. We have our sights on becoming a Top 500 site very soon…

11,000 Visits in One Hour

According to real-time analytics tracking company GetClicky, PeekYou had over 11,000 visitors on the site at approximately 3pm EST. Wow. We have been experiencing tremendous growth lately; our site traffic has increased by almost 45% from December 2010 to January 2011. Talk about a lot of people search for others!

To date, PeekYou has handled over 217 million searches on our website (yes, thats right; the exact number is 217,058,098 at the time of this writing). At this rate, we should be on track to hit over 250 million searches within 2 months! For any given week, we process approximately 4.5 million user searches around the world for people, interests, schools, work and more. Very soon we will be making a big announcement about our international search.

PeekYou CEO Michael Hussey Speaks to ZDNet Regarding Online Social Identities

Yesterday, Michael Hussey, the CEO of PeekYou, sat down with Eileen Yu of ZDNet regarding the importance of securing one’s online social identity after the recent events with Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. You can read the full article on ZDNet, titled “Securing your online social identity.” Michael reiterated that any information publicly available on the web can and will be found by search engines such as PeekYou, Google and Bing. Follow Michael on Twitter if you would like to read more of his thoughts!

“Make a 100-year Plan”

Recently our CEO, Michael Hussey, was featured in AOL Small Business’ Tip of the Day section. Click here to read the full post on their set; we have a small blurb from the post here:

“Try to imagine your business as one that will be relevant 100 years from now — or, at any rate, long after you’ve ceased running it. Thinking of what the company means over the long haul, considering what it needs and where it will be in the long-term future helps put into perspective the momentary ups and downs of the present.”

If you like what he has to say, follow Michael on Twitter!