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Personable, globally oriented and entrepreneurially minded IT practitioner well suited by temperament, subject matter expertise and work experience to startups and software development teams. An unusual mixture of Liberal Arts generalist and IT 'nerd'. Content creator and designer Documentation specialist Interviewer Blogger and Wiki contributor Copy editor Trainer and coursecurriculum developer Press release writer Veteran, US Army Europe (USAREUR) -. Reasonable working fluency in German, Spanish. Rich, varied work history, with broad exposure to organizations of different sizes, missions, and cultures as employee, contractor, trainer and consultant. Well traveled and culturally fluent, with MA in International Relations from USC. A quick study, able to communicate effectively and develop productive relationships with all stakeholders. Can read source code. Able to learn new IDEs and methods on the fly without impacting productivity of fellow team members. Do informal QA while building documentation. A fan of 'war stories' as a way to provide a narrative backbone to classroom lessons (where appropriate). Active on Twitter, Google and Facebook in Top All Time Top Experts list of LinkedIn "Answers" forum from - ("Answers" forum RIP).

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